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    Kent Boarding Cattery

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The best kennels
and cattery in Kent?

Kent Boarding Kennels and Boarding Cattery is a small, family-run business in the very best sense. We decided to create our own boarding kennels and cattery in north Kent because we love cats and dogs. For us, it's the perfect marriage of business and pleasure, and we like to think it shows.

The Kent Kennels and Cattery aims to provide a much more friendly atmosphere and environment for the cats and dogs staying with us. Take our cattery, for example. We have a variety of accommodation units, as do most catteries, but we have tried to make them more than just plastic prisons. One of our two main cattery blocks has been turned into a jungle-themed block, with miniature wooden shacks for sleeping areas (UPVC lined for hygiene), suspended walkways, hanging creepers and various hidey-holes for guests to tuck themselves into. We try to imagine what we'd like our (2) cats to experience if they were staying in a cattery.